Vol. XLX, No. 2                              February 2004
Do not seek to know the Buddha by its forms and attributes; for neither the forms nor attributes are the
real Buddha. The real Buddha is Bodhi (awakening) itself.
                     - Avatamsaka Sutra
Empty and devoid of ego is the nature of all things.
There is no individual being that in reality exists.
Nor end nor beginning having, nor any middle course.
All is a sham, here’s no reality whaever;
It is like unto a vision and a dream.
It is like unto clouds and lightning.
It is like unto a fiery revolving wheel.
It is like unto water splashing.
Because of causes and conditions things are here:
In them there is no self-nature (atman, soul).
All things that move and work, know them as such.
Ignorance and thirsty desire, the source of birth and death are they:
Right contemplation and discipline of heart, desire and ignorance obliterate.
All beings in the world, beyond words and expressions are they;
Their ultimate true nature, pure and true,
Is like unto vacuity of space.
                   -  Mahayana Abhisamaya Sutra

All existing things are impermanent and without abiding self.
They are like the moon reflected in water, like lightning, like shadows, like dew.
Without words he preaches this doctrine to the assembly.
Thus I bow in reverence to the Noble One, Amida.

                    - Junirai of Nagarjuna
Water is round in a round receptacle and square in a square one, but water has no particular shape.
People often forget this fact. People see this and that, they discriminate existence from non-existence;
and then being caught in these entanglements and becoming attached to them, suffer in consequence. If
people would only give up their attachments to these imaginary and false discriminations, and would
restore the purity of their fundamental minds, then both their true minds and their bodies would be free
from defilements and suffering and they would know the peacefulness that goes with that freedom.

                      - Surangama Sutra
Monkey-mind, jumping from one branch to another, taking one bite of a grasped fruit, then tossing it
aside for another, and another, and another – almost cute in its stupidity. Happy New Year!!!
Rev. Mas