Senshin Buddhist Temple has a vehicle donation program that benefits the Senshin-ji Building Fund.

This program makes it very easy and convenient for any member or friend of Senshin to dispose of a vehicle for which they no longer have any use. “Vehicle” refers to automobiles, pickups, trucks, motorcycles and boats.

We work with a company named “Harold’s Car Donation Service” (HCDS). The owner, Harold Beach, will arrange to pick up any donated vehicle from the donor’s location of choice (home, office or other). The vehicle does not have to be in running condition. It will be picked up by a tow truck if it cannot be safely driven from the pick-up location. A unique feature of this program is that even if a vehicle is located in another state, HCDS can arrange to pick up that vehicle as a donation to Senshin.

After the vehicle is received by HCDS, it is evaluated, and if it is in running condition, the vehicle is detailed to prepare it for the auction block. Once sold, and after the auction preparation expenses are deducted, the proceeds are split 50/50 between Senshin and HCDS.

Even if the vehicle is not running and may be in poor condition, HCDS will take it to a salvage company, and the salvage proceeds will again be split 50/50.

Once the proceeds from the vehicle donation are received by Senshin, a letter is sent to the donor to acknowledge the vehicle donation. The letter includes details of the donated vehicle and the amount for which the vehicle was sold or salvaged. That entire amount (before the 50/50 split) can be claimed by the donor as a contribution to Senshin for tax deduction purposes. All donors will be acknowledged in the Prajna.

If you have any questions about the program, or wish to donate a vehicle, please contact either Jean Minami (323) 938-0048, or Wilbur Takashima (310) 398-9558.